Historical plaque programs

Celebrating Uptown Westerville’s rich history

Business plaque program expanding; Residential plaque program launched

Commercial Plaque Program

plaqueWhen you visit Uptown Westerville, check out the 37 buildings with beautiful, bronze historic plaques, honoring and commemorating the recognized historic value of our Uptown buildings.

The first 20 plaques were installed in the summer of 2019, shortly after the entire Uptown District was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Another 17 were approved in 2023, and 16 of them have been installed.

Below, see an interactive map of all the buildings to receive plaques to date, through this Uptown Westerville Inc. program. And below the map, flip through detailed pages on each of the first 20 properties, featuring their plaques and both historic and modern day photos of each of the buildings. At bottom, see a display of the most recent 17 plaques and a link to a story on the 2023 additions.

(The flip-pages section is an online excerpt from 2019 UWI book, Westerville: The War Machine of Prohibition. The full book, released upon the 100th anniversary of the enactment of Prohibition, is available for sale on this site here.)

The first phase of the plaque program was made possible by generous donations from Bill Bishop and Jane Horn — as also described in the excerpted chapter of War Machine. The 2023 phase was funded through a grant of $18,365 from the J. Terry Hayman Fund of the Columbus Foundation.

Plaque Program Phase 1 pages from Westerville: The War Machine of Prohibition

Up next in Uptown

Historical plaques added to another 17 Uptown buildings in 2023: STORY

Residential Plaque Program

Uptown property owners can now show pride for their homes with a residential plaque commissioned by Uptown Westerville Inc.

Designed in the same style as the commercial plaques detailed above, these custom plaques can be proudly displayed inside or outside your home; mounted on a wall, staked in the landscape, or displayed on an easel.

Homes 50 years of age quality for a historic plaque. authenticated by UWI.

Fill out the form below to apply.

Application for Residential Historical Plaque