UWI Events FAQ, Guidelines & Policies

UWI public event FAQ

The Purpose of Events in Uptown Westerville

Uptown Westerville Inc. (UWI) is deeply committed to supporting local businesses and fostering community engagement in our vibrant Uptown district. Through a variety of events and initiatives, UWI aims to bring people together, showcase the unique offerings of our merchants, and enhance the economic vitality of the area. Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), along with Guidelines and Policies governing UWI’s staging of public events in historic Uptown.

Ohio Main Street Community Support

As an Ohio Main Street Community, Uptown Westerville Inc. embraces the Main Street Approach, which emphasizes revitalization efforts through organization, promotion, design, and economic vitality. One way we support businesses is by organizing community events that attract visitors to Uptown, thereby increasing foot traffic and exposure for local merchants.

Community-Building Events

Events such as the Cookie Walk, Art Hop, Walking Tours, Fourth Fridays, Farmers Market, and Columbus Cars and Coffee show are designed to bring people into Uptown, providing an opportunity for them to explore our businesses, dine, shop, and engage with the community. These events are provided at no cost to businesses and contribute significantly to the local economy.

Economic Impact

The economic impact of UWI events in 2023 was estimated to be $2.5 million spent in Uptown businesses. This demonstrates the significant value that community events bring to our local economy and underscores the importance of continued support for such initiatives.

Fourth Friday Festival

Fourth Friday stands out as a unique festival where all entertainment, music, and activities are provided free of charge to the public. This encourages attendees to spend their dollars dining or shopping in Uptown businesses, as they enjoy the complimentary entertainment and attractions. The costs associated with providing these amenities are covered by vendors and sponsors, with space fees collected to support the event logistics.

Vendor Participation Guidelines at Fourth Fridays Events

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees, only approved vendors are permitted to set up at Fourth Fridays events in Uptown Westerville. This policy is in place to protect consumers from unauthorized vendors and maintain the integrity of the event.

Identifying Approved Vendors

Look for tents displaying the “Fourth Friday Approved Vendor” signage. These vendors have been vetted and approved by Uptown Westerville Inc. to participate in the event.

Consumer Protection

By patronizing approved vendors, attendees can feel confident in the products and services being offered, knowing that they have met Uptown Westerville Inc.’s standards for participation. This helps to prevent any issues or concerns related to unauthorized or unverified vendors.

Event Squatters

Unauthorized vendors or event squatters who do not display the approved signage are not endorsed by Fourth Fridays or Uptown Westerville Inc. Please refrain from doing business with them to protect yourself and support the integrity of the event.

Supporting Uptown Merchants During Fourth Friday Events

We understand that many Uptown merchants are owner-operated and may not have staff available to maintain an outdoor presence during Fourth Friday events. Therefore, we encourage attendees to take a break from the outdoor festivities and step inside the many wonderful local businesses that remain open during the event.

Direct Path to Local Businesses

Uptown Westerville Inc. (UWI) ensures there is a clear path from State Street to the front door of each open business, allowing attendees to easily access and support these establishments during Fourth Fridays. We encourage you to explore the unique offerings of our local merchants and experience the warmth and hospitality they have to offer.

Merchant Set-Up Guidelines

For merchants who do wish to sell outside, they are permitted to set up in their private right of way. This allows businesses to extend their presence onto the sidewalk while maintaining accessibility for pedestrians. Merchants interested in setting up in the event space on the street should adhere to the rules set forth for all vendors participating in Fourth Friday events.

Encouraging Community Engagement

Through our commitment to organizing engaging and inclusive events, Uptown Westerville Inc. strives to strengthen our community, support local businesses, and promote Uptown as a destination for residents and visitors alike. We appreciate the continued support of our merchants, sponsors, and attendees in making these events successful and impactful for our community.