Westerville – The War Machine of Prohibition


Westerville: The War Machine of Prohibition — A coffee table book on Westerville’s history of Temperance, commissioned by UWI.


A 2020 book commissioned by Uptown Westerville Inc. explores the city’s role in the extraordinary American story of Prohibition, upon the 100th anniversary of enactment of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Read about the city's Dry past that dates to its founding in 1858, its luring of the Anti-Saloon League to locate its national headquarters here in 1909, and the ASL's mighty printing presses in tiny Westerville in the early 1900s.

Those presses of the American Issue Publishing Co. printed enough pages of anti-alcohol material to circle the Earth 80 times, leading the successful lobbying effort to pass the 18th Amendment.

Curated by local journalist Joe Meyer.



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