Small Business Membership


Small Business Membership to Uptown Westerville Inc.


Membership to UWI offers features that uniquely benefit your organization. These include:

  • Exclusive access to UWI event participation. UWI members can actively participate in Uptown events.
  • Representation on UWI website and social media ( Facebook reaching over 60,000 this past year with over 70,000 impressions, Instagram reaching over 4,000. The UWI Website hosts over 45,000 uniques visits per year) and access to local and regional news and media outlets. 
  • A comprehensive Uptown Events Calendar, complete with logos, event descriptions, date ranges and clickable links to your website and social media
  • Listing in the Uptown Holiday gift guide, if applicable
  • Spotlight of your business on the UWI blog 
  • Opportunity for promotional postcards featuring your business at all events (postcard development/printing is at merchant expense).
  • ​Special offers to participate in events and activities that compliment and promote your business
  • Annual meetings and quarterly updates; email communications with relevant Uptown information, input on new projects and events. 


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